Learn about the exclusive features that Aljazeera Trading offer to their clients

  • Professional Signals
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Broad Asset Choice
  • Instant Execution
  • Charting Suite
  • On-line Account Reconciliation
  • Immediate Trade Exit
Mobile Trader

Trading App

Whether you’re a user of Android or IOS, you can download the app for free and Stay informed on your account

The Aljazeera Trading platform gives you all the advantages and benefits of a wonderful trading through your mobile phone as if you are on the computer screen and more. The Aljazeera Trading platform is a global, intuitive and innovative platform for trading stocks, currencies and crypto trading through trading in the CFD market. Offers unmatched terms in the field of stocks, indices, commodities, and forex besides it uses the best techniques

  • Real Time Price quotes and alerts
  • Daily High/Low Price
  • Trading trends
  • Balance status
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